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Brevard County Wave Data Collection

Project Site Map

Wave data was collected in support of research by PhD candidate John Hearin at the Florida Institute of Technology.  The research is investigating the effects of beach nourishment on local surf breaks.  Wave data was collected at three locations in Brevard County.  Two of the locations, Cherrie Down Park and Ocean Ave., were co-located with beach nourishment projects and the last, Ponce De Leon Park was the control.  Each location has two sites, one at 10 ft and one at 30 ft.

The 30 ft sites at Ocean Ave. and Cherrie Down Park were set up for directional wave data while the remaining four sites were set up for non-directional wave data.  Directional wave data requires the use of three wave gages which by default provides double redundancy for the non-directional wave data.  The non-directional sites all had two wave gages to provide redundancy to reduce the chances of losing data due to a malfunctioning instrument.  In all 14 wave gages were deployed for this project.  To this point in the project gaps in the data are due solely to poor weather conditions around instrument swap times.  The low cost of our instruments allows us to easily provide redundancy as insurance against data loss due to instrument malfunction.

The data from this project was presented at the 2011 FSBPA National Conference on Beach Preservation Technology in Jacksonville Florida.