TNC Oceanographic Installs Directional Wave Gage for Martin County, Florida.

On August 23, 2012 TNC Oceanographic installed one of its own directional wave gages as part of a one year pilot project to re-establish Martin County's historical wave data collection program and bring real time wave information to the county. 

Phase one of the project was to install the directional wave gage to re-establish the historical wave record which has been successfully completed.  Phase two of the project will be to establish a communications buoy to provide real time wave information to the county and the general public.  Phase two of the project is anticipated to be deployed in quarter 1 of 2013.

TNC Oceanographic Plays a Role in the Hunt for the Giant Squid.

Renowned deep sea biologist Dr. Edie Widder of the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) was invited to be a part of a team of scientists funded by the Discovery Channel and NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting organization, to search for the Giant Squid and capture the first ever video of this creature in its natural habitat.

Dr. Widder was chosen for this endeavor because of her organization's expertise in unobtrusive deep sea observation techniques utilizing their arsenal of tools and technology that include the Eye-In-The-Sea, Medusa and the Electronic Jellyfish known as the E-Jelly.  The Eye-In-The-Sea and Medusa are both low-light deep sea video camera systems designed for unobtrusive monitoring of the denizens of the deep.  The E-Jelly was designed as a bioluminescent lure that
mimics a predator defense mechanism of certain jellyfish that Dr. Widder calls the Burglar Alarm.  Dr. Widder believes that the Burglar Alarm is intended to scare off predators and attract larger creatures like the Giant Squid that will attack the creature that is attacking the jellyfish enabling it to escape harm.

While working as an employee of ORCA Tony Cimaglia, founder of TNC Oceanographic, designed and built the E-Jelly that was successfully used on this research effort to lure out a Giant Squid allowing the first ever live video footage to be taken of this creature in its natural habitat.

The documentary of the hunt for the Giant Squid will air on the Discovery Channel's MONSTER SQUID: THE GIANT IS REAL which premiers on January 27, 2013 at 8 PM ET as the season finale of CUROSITY.

Check out the following links for more information on the team behind the development of Medusa and the Electronic Jellyfish.

Tony Cimaglia

Lee Frey
Dr. Edith Widder
Dr. Justin Marshall
Wen-Sung Chung
Andrew Sherrell

TNC Oceanographic Awarded Contract to Perform Wave Energy Study in the Caribbean

TNC Oceanographic has been contracted by a South Florida coastal engineering firm to perform a one-year study of wave energy at an undisclosed location in the Caribbean.  The project consists of measuring the wave climates at three different locations both off-shore and in-shore for a total of six wave monitoring stations.  The data will be used to develop engineering design criteria as well as real input to drive numerical design models for a proposed construction project.

TNC Oceanographic Deploys Real-Time Wave Monitoring System for Martin County, Florida

On April 2, 2013 TNC Oceanographic completed phase two of their pilot project with Martin County by deploying a real-time wave monitoring system in the nearshore off Jensen Beach.  The installation marks the initial deployment of TNC's first generation real-time wave monitoring systemThe system consists of a TNC bottom mounted wave gage cabled to a surface buoy that transmits the processed data back to a shore station where it is re-packaged and uploaded to the Jensen Beach webpage hosted by Erdman Video Systems.  The data includes significant wave height, peak wave period, water temperature on the bottom as well as the water level above the wave gage and can be found at the following link,