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TNC Wave Gage

Wave Gage Specs
  • Sub-centimeter resolution
  • 1-4 Hz sampling frequency
  • On board Spectral Analysis
  • Processed and raw data stored to a USB memory stick. Years of data at storage capacities up to 4 Gb
  • Deployment duration for data every half hour is typically 180 days for 6 AA alkaline batteries and >1 year for one 3.6V Li D-cell battery
  • Durable PVC and Polycarbonate housing

TNC Oceanographic has designed and produced a low-cost, robust wave gage that allows us to deliver nearshore wave data at an unprecedented value.  The low-cost nature of our wave gage also allows us to offer several levels of redundancy to ensure you get your data.  On the left is a three month comparison plot of a TNC wave gage versus a Nortek Aquadopp Profiler.


On the left is a short video of a typical wave gage swap at one of the 10ft sites from the Brevard County Wave Data Collection Project.  Due to the design of the mounting system wave
gage swaps can be performed very rapidly once on site.
  Below is  a short up close video of a wave gage in its protective holder.