About Us

The idea of TNC Oceanographic was born in 2004 during Hurricane Frances while we stood on a dune crossover in Indialantic FL watching the dune, trees and upland property fall victim to nature's fury.  That day inspired us to begin formulation of a plan to form a company that would provide valuable data to the oceanographic and coastal engineering communities at an affordable price.

To do this TNC Oceanographic combines a unique blend of in-house electromechanical technological know-how with a deep understanding of oceanographic and coastal processes.  Through this we are able to produce instrumentation that is of comparable quality to traditional off-the-shelf instruments at a fraction of the cost enabling us to collect, analyze and distribute oceanographic data at a cost significantly less than what you would typically pay. 

While our mission is to produce a low-cost version of the most popular oceanographic instruments, we are not there yet.  As we grow we will continue to add to our in-house capabilities enabling us to further the progress of the other part of our mission which is to drive down the costs of in-situ data collection so that one day we might have a truly wired ocean.  At TNC Oceanographic we firmly believe that it should not cost billions of dollars to wire the ocean.